What is the BWR Tenant Information and Policy Handbook?

    We are so glad you asked! The BWR Tenant Information and Policy Handbook is designed to explain our rules and policies and well as to provide you with valuable information on being a tenant in a Burr White property. The handbook contains information about paying rent, changing roommates, pets, maintenance, common area courtesy, cleaning, move out processes, common sense tips on cleaning and carpet care. We invite you to read it and refer to it to answer most of your questions. If your question isn’t answered in the Handbook, we invite you to call or email with your question or concern.

How do I apply for a Burr White property?

    After you have viewed one our available properties on the BWR website or you have been shown a property by one of our leasing agents, visit the Search Properties tab on our Home Page and click Apply on the property of your choice. Fill out the application on-line and it will be transmitted to our leasing staff for their review. Once it is received, you will be contacted by our leasing staff to discuss the next steps.

My application was approved, what do I do next?

    Once your application is approved, our leasing agent will provide you the details of how to prepare for your move-in, which will include bringing the Security Deposit to hold the property, signing the lease, setting up applicable utilities, obtaining renter’s insurance, etc.

I’m ready to move-in, where do I pick up the keys?

    Your leasing agent will coordinate your move-in by meeting with you at our office to collect the rent for the first month, proof of renter’s insurance, proof of utility transfer and any other necessary information required. You will be given the keys to your new home and the Move In Inspection Form.

What is the Move-In Inspection Form?

    We will have done a complete inspection of the property prior to your move-in day to document the condition and to ensure the property is clean and ready for your occupancy. Once you move in, you’ll use the Move-In Inspection form to make your own notes to document the condition of the property. We encourage you to take pictures for your own records. You can also make notes of anything that you find that isn’t working properly that we may have missed during our inspection. You will return the completed form to our office within ten (10) days of your occupancy. We will review it for any maintenance issues that need to be taken care of and file it for use at your future move out.

When is my rent due and when is it considered late?

    Regardless of what day of the month you moved into the property, rent is always due on the 1st of the month. Your rent is late if we receive it after 4:00 p.m. on the 4th of the month.

Is there a late fee for paying rent late?

    Yes, the late fee is customarily 6% of the rental amount. This amount posts automatically to your tenant ledger on the 5th of the month, if the rent hasn’t been received. Include the late fee with your late payment or you can pay it anytime through your Tenant Portal.

What if I forget to pay the late fee?

    Any outstanding balances in your tenant ledger will be paid with your next rent payment, which may leave a balance owing for rent. Having an outstanding rent balance could result in legal action for non-payment of rent.

Oops, my bank just called and the check I gave for my rent is not going to clear?

    This is an unfortunate situation that requires your immediate attention. If your check does not clear for any reason (even if it is a bank error), you will need to bring in the rental funds in the form of a Cashier’s Check or Money Order and include the late fee plus an NSF fee. The late fee is $25 for the first returned check; $35 for any additional returned checks.

How do we place a maintenance request?

    Refer to the Tenant Information and Policy Handbook to review the sections regarding maintenance. Some maintenance of the property is the responsibility of the tenant. For other issues, you must place a maintenance request through your Tenant Portal on the BWR website. It’s really easy and you will be contacted directly by our maintenance representative. Maintenance requests called in or sent through email (with the exception of emergencies) will not be responded to with any urgency. The best and quickest way for a response it to use the Tenant Portal to make an on-line request.

What is considered an emergency repair?

    Any property threatening issue, such as electrical shortages (not outages), sparking outlets, roof leaks, overflowing toilets, leaking pipes, water intrusion, etc. should be reported immediately by phone or email. Of course, call 911 in the event of fire!

How do I notify you that I’m moving out?

    According to your lease, you must give a 30-day notice in writing. Please provide the date of the notice as well as the date you plan to vacate the property. We will acknowledge your notice and provide you with a Move-Out Package, which should answer any questions you have. You can also refer to the Tenant Information and Policy Handbook for details on the move out process.

When will I receive my security deposit?

    We will refund your security deposit within 21 days of your move out and return of the keys. Refer to the Tenant Information and Policy Handbook for more information on the move out process. Remember to provide your forwarding address so that we can mail your deposit to you. If we do not receive your forwarding address, we will mail it to your last known address, which will delay the receipt of your deposit.